Michigan Governor Allows Temporary Curbside Pickup During COVID-19 Outbreak

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Michigan Governor Allows Temporary Curbside Pickup During COVID-19 Outbreak

Don’t fear Michigan citizen’s, the Marijuana industry is working to not lose access during the COVID-19 outbreak of 2020. By urging Gov. Gretchen Whitmer to classify marijuana as an “essential item” to ensure that Marijuana remains available as Michigan continues to take steps to combat the coronavirus outbreak.

“Temporarily, the MRA will allow curbside pickup. Customers may remain in their parked vehicle, in the parking lot of a licensed provisioning center or adult-use retailer. Customers may complete an order including payment for their product via the internet or they may place their order once parked at the facility. An employee from the licensed facility or adult-use establishment is permitted to complete the sales transaction by interacting with the customer in the parking lot and recording the necessary information into the statewide monitoring system.”

So far, the state has allowed dispensaries to remain open, with the option of delivery or curbside pick up leaving the consumer safely in their car with little to no human contact.  This is the Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency’s way of encouraging cannabis businesses to provide services to help promote social-distancing. For more information on the MRA rules and regulations quoted above click here.

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