Michigan: Profits over Patients


Medical marijuana caregivers in Michigan are being squeezed out by Michigan legislation as a direct result of the corporate takeover of the states legislation.


The state of Michigan boasts about the millions in tax revenue and the obvious cash cow of participating in the sale of a schedule 1 substance. Meanwhile thousands innocent Michiganders are sitting in state prison for Marijuana related incidents. While Michigan legislators wet there beaks over $2B+ a year in generated revenue in the exact same horticulture fueled business.

Is our government going to continue to sell a schedule 1 substance for profit?

I think a better question is will the people of Michigan Band-Together in disapproval or will this be yet another instance of big business running an American Democracy?

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All Americans can all see the need to move forward with caregiver programs in Michigan and most of us agree that patients deserve access to their medicine. It would be hard to believe any American that voted for medical marijuana would agree with a "corporate hijacking". This is an invasion the people. 

Over the years, Michigan's caregivers have proven beyond any doubt they are some of the best and most experienced growers with great respect for procedure. Michiganders want to do things by the book and the existence of small caregivers promotes and create a atmosphere which allows us to cultivate top quality products. 

Michigan caregivers are not a threat to anyone and rarely do they effect the bottom lines of corporate pockets. These campaigns against Michigan Caregivers is fabricated lacks any transparency. 
Michigan has the opportunity to lead the world in this new world of horticulture and industrial cultivation. Most Americans agree, Michigan legislators selling us out (patients and caregivers) for a group of Corporate Cowboys is simply Unamerican.

The obvious solution moving forward for caregivers will be to abandon the Michigan Medical Marijuana program to operate under a much more lenient and practical world of recreational horticulture. 

The package of bills approved by the Regulatory Reform committee include:

HB 5300:

Allows sale to and from licensed specialty medical growers

HB 5301:

Creates a license for a specialty medical grower.

HB 5302:

Requires specialty medical growers to use a tracking system.

HB 5319:

Exempts the sale of marijuana from a registered primary caregiver or licensed specialty medical grower to a registered qualifying patient from the use tax.

HB 5320:

Updates a reference to definition of debilitating medical condition in the public health code.

HB 5321:

Exempts the sale of marijuana from a registered primary caregiver or licensed specialty medical grower to a registered qualifying patient from the sales tax.

Regardless it will be a true test to decide if there is a such thing as real freedom. 

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