• Michigan: Profits over Patients

    Michigan: Profits over Patients
      Medical marijuana caregivers in Michigan are being squeezed out by Michigan legislation as a direct result of the corporate takeover of the states legislation.   The state of Michigan boasts about the millions in tax revenue and the obvious cash cow of participating in the sale of a schedule 1 substance. Meanwhile thousands innocent Michiganders are sitting in state prison for Marijuana related...
  • Different Stages of LED Gardening & Growing

    Different Stages of LED Gardening & Growing
    GROWING WITH LED: WHAT TO CONSIDER FOR EACH STAGE OF CULTIVATION As we touched on earlier, many types of LEDs have a fixed light spectrum that works for both the vegetative (growing) and flowering phases of cannabis. This way, you can just use the same light throughout your entire grow from seed until harvest. Although this is convenient for most, there are those who...
  • How to Hang Cali Grower LED Grow Lights

    How to Hang Cali Grower LED Grow Lights
           How Far Should a LED Grow Light Be From Plants? This is a trouble that farmers, particularly marijuana growers, have. Some farmers hang the light very high, 30-40 inches from the top of the plant, as well as the plants, are really weak. Because the led grow lights is as well far away from the plant, the light is substantially lost...
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